Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Daughter is A Blessing


Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'Ala Rasulillah
Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

 A Daughter is A Blessing

A  Couple  Made A Deal The Night Of Their Marriage
To NOT Open The Door Of Their Room
To Anybody Who Comes Knocking in The Morning
For Any Reason !
In The Morning The Parents Of The Husband
Came & Knocked On The Door,
 The Husband & The Wife Were Looking At Each Other
 & As They Agreed Before,
They Didn't Open The Door. 
After A While The Parents Of The Bride
Came Knocking At The Door To Check On Them,
The Couple Were Looking At Each Other,
Then The Bride Dropped A Tear
 & Started Crying She Said :
" I Cannot Keep Them Knocking & Not Open The Door,
 I Miss Them Already"
The Husband Didn't Say Anything
& He Let Her Open The Door For Her Parents.
Years & Years Passed & The Couple Had 5 Children,
 The First Ones Were Boys & The 5th Was A Little Girl,
 When She Was Born The Father Was Extremely Happy
That  Almighty Blessed Him With Her,
& He Threw A Huge Party For Her in Grand Style.
People Were So Amazed With His Joy
 & His Happiness That They Asked Him,
Why Are You So Happy With Her
More Than You Were Before With Her Elder Brothers ? 
He Answered Simply :
" She is The One Who Will Open The Door For Me "
 'A'  Baby Girls Are The Comfort Of The Eyes Of Their Father !
 They Hold The Key To Their Mother's Heart ! 
 Daughters Are Really Unique..
They Care For Their Parents
Even After They Are Married.
  It's Rightly Said,
  "A Son is A Son Till He Gets A Wife,
A Daughter is A Daughter All Her Life ! "

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